Title Pawn Atlanta FAQ

Q: What is a title pawn?
A: A title pawn is a simple process to obtain cash from the equity in your vehicle.
Q: Do I need good credit to obtain a car title pawn?
A: We do not require a credit report; your equity is your credit to qualify for a title pawn.
Q: What if I am currently making payments on my vehicle?
A: You must have a free and clear title with no liens to obtain a title pawn.
Q: Do I have to bring my vehicle to obtain a title pawn?
A: You must bring your vehicle for evaluation to get a title pawn.
Q: Do I have to have an In State issued title?
A: Global Finance works with all irregularities to approve title pawn.
Q: How much cash can I access with my vehicle with my title pawn?
A: The money will be based on the equity from the book value.
Q: What type of income documentation do I need to qualify for a title pawn?
A: If possible you should have a paystub, bank statement or explanation to support earnings.